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Caribbean Cup

2014 Caribbean Cup


The Caribbean Cup Team has openings for the following positions: Captain, Coach, Manager. If you would like to be considered for one of these positions please contact Joe Cebrynski or speak with one of the team members. Candidates for each position will be voted on by the team members at a later date.

The objectives of the FDA are to:

Membership is open to anyone who evidences an interest in English darts.

The FDA organizes and runs the annual Florida State Team Championships, as well as the qualifications for the team representing the State of Florida in the bi-annual Caribbean Cup international competition.

Congratulations BCDA #1 - 2013 State Team Champions

Congratulations CFDA - 2012 State Team Champions

Congratulations TDLS - 2011 State Team Champions

Congratulations TDLS - 2010 State Team Champions

Congratulations FDA - 2010 Caribbean Cup Champions

Congratulations CFDA - 2009 State Team Champions

Congratulations FDA - 2008 Caribbean Cup Runners up

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